Swartz Creek Early Middle College

What is Swartz Creek Early Middle College (SCEMC)? 

  • SCEMC is designed to allow a pupil to earn a high school diploma and either a minimum 48 transferable college credits, an associates degree, the Michigan Early/Middle College Association (MEMCA) technical certification or an industry certification at the same time.
  • SCEMC is a five-year high school program designed to earn a high school diploma and substantial college credit through an additional fifth year of study.

The Three E's of Early College

  • Early Entrance: 11th grade students enter a college program while still in high school. They benefit from a curriculum that enables them to earn their high school diploma and earn college credits with no cost to themselves for tuition, fees, and books.
  • Early Exit: Students may complete the program with a minimum of 48 transferable credits. Swartz Creek High School students attend high school classes as well as college courses. This moves them ahead of a traditional schedule with college credits that match the students' chosen career pathways.
  • Early Success: Once the students complete the program, they are poised for immediate success. Students have the option to begin work immediately in their chosen field (if applicable) or to continue to work toward a Bachelor's degree.

Benefits of an Early College

  • Earn transferable college credits
  • College classes taught in 11th and 12th grade
  • Ease the transition from high school to college
  • Connection to other students through this unique cohort experience
  • Dedicated support staff to mentor/assist students
  • Reduced financial burden

Who can apply?

  • Students interested in continuing their education but not certain about going to a 4-year university program.
  • Fully willing to commit to an extra (5th) year with the Swartz Creek Early Middle College by signing a contract.
  • Student with parents supportive of extra time commitment and different calendars
  • Minimum requirements include: 2.0 GPA, PSAT test score, Student Application with Essay, and College Accuplacer Placement Test

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Will everyone that applies be admitted to the program?
    • Not everyone that applies will be admitted. After review of the applications and interview, the selection committee makes recommendations to the high school administration. The principal makes the final determination of admitted students.
  • How do the college credits transfer to a four-year university?
    • We do our best to ensure credits taken in the program will transfer, BUT it is best if you speak to the University directly to discuss how credits will transfer to their institution.
  • Is transportation provided?
    • Although some schools provide transportation, ultimately it is the responsibility of the student/parent. If the student is Free & Reduced Lunch, please see your counselor as support staff can help problem solve transportation.
  • How many students will be admitted into the program?
    • While there is no cap to the number of students who participate, Swartz Creek makes the final determination of students admitted into the program.
  • What is the Accuplacer?
    • The Accuplacer is a college placement test. Students will be assessed in Reading, Writing & Math. Should a student not meet the recommended minimum score on a particular assessment, they are encouraged to retest in that area(s) and attach all  results to the application. Students are allowed two attempts in each semester.