Competitive Clubs

The Competitive Clubs grouping includes all groups that seek to compete with other schools through organized tournaments contests and/or informally compete at the school level. These clubs span the full range from high intensity, high commitment activities (Example: Robotics Club) to a more leisurely pace (Examples: Game or Chess Club). Students are encouraged to fully research these clubs in advance of joining a group.  The following group descriptions and contact information are provided below.  
A club that focuses on competitive public speaking.

Second & Fourth Monday of each month


Ms. Wensko

Room 509


A club focused on online and console gaming as well as traditional 

board games and cards.

Mon. 2:30-3:30PM

Wed. 2:30-5:30PM

Thur. 2:30-3:30PM

Mr. Price

Rm. 505


Mock Trial Club is an organization that competes against other schools focusing on criminal and civil mock trials. Competitions are held in Circuit and District courtrooms where sitting judges evaluate and judge each trial.

Mr. Fuller

Rm. 501


A competitive group that focuses on academic facts and competes with other schools. Everyone is welcome - there are no tryouts.
There is a JV and Varsity team.

Ms. Wensko

Rm. 509


For inspiration and recognition of science and technology.  A great way to share your enthusiasm about robotics with other high school students. The club competes in Robotic Competitions throughout the school year. Students build robots and do everything from programming to electrical and mechanical engineering.

Build Season is Jan-April

Off Season is  

April- October

Mr. Bickley

A club where students study various topics in science and perform hands on activities. Ex. Building bridges, airplanes, etc.  Students will compete against other local high schools (Genesee/Shiawassee) at a regional Science Olympiad event in March at Mott Community College.

1st & 3rd

Wednesday of each month


September- April

Mrs. Warber

Rm. 309


Students and parents can access the full menu of clubs for review below.  The SCHS Club Proposal Form is also available for download.  Please see Ms. Manning in the Main Office with questions