Leadership & Support Clubs

The "Leadership & Support" club grouping provides a wide variety of choices for students to choose from depending on interests and/or goals. While SCHS does sponsor a local chapter of the National Honor Society, service learning opportunities also occur within the Key Club as well.  As with all clubs, students are encouraged to do their homework when considering which clubs to join.  All are encouraged to review this club grouping along with the other excellent club opportunities. 
Students work on their Education Development Plan (EDP), which enables them to make informed decisions about their future education and career. They are provided tools to help them answer the  questions: “Who Am I?”, “ Where Am I Going?” and “How Am I Going to Get There?” Through interest inventories, assessments, and exploration opportunities, students are provided suggestions of careers that may interest them.  Through integrated classroom projects they then research and discover what it takes to make it a reality, helping them understand the direct relevance of their current and future education.


School Hours

Mrs. Ginger Ortiz


Room 106


For students who want to hold a leadership position in their class. Each class (9th-12th) has a President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Representatives.  These are ELECTED positions that students run for in the Spring of the previous year. Elected each Spring for the Next School Year

Assistant Principal


For all students who want to educate and support Swartz Creek High School’s LGBTQ community and its allies.

Mrs. Lathangue


Rm. 403


Eco Club brings together a group of young individuals who are interested in saving our environment and becoming greener. Also, Eco Club gives young adults the ability to share their ideas and interests in the environment with fellow peers. We work with our school and community in efforts to become more environmentally friendly and reduce our carbon footprint.



Mrs. Church


Rm. 306


Key Club is an international student-led organization which provides its members with opportunities to provide services, build character, and develop leadership.


2:30 -3:30PM

Mrs. Poffenbarger



This club meets to discuss subjects related to culture and diversity within the SCHS community. The purpose of this club is to bring awareness to the environment and implement changes in a responsible manner. 

The diversity club will take the lead in activities that helps facilitate a comfortable climate for all. The Diversity Club is open for all students to attend.

Every Tuesday


Mr. Page


Rm. 105


An interdenominational student-led club. Students lead devotionals and share about their faith.



Mrs. Warber 


Rm. 309


Unified Champions bring together students with and without intellectual disabilities through education, sports and youth leadership to provide them with the knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary to create and sustain school communities that promote acceptance.

Last Friday of every month

During school

Mr. Pepin


Rm. 111


A high school honors organization dedicated to service, leadership, academics, scholarship, and character.

2nd Thursday of every month

Mrs. Williams


Rm: Media Center


A student group that acts as a representative for the student body. Membership is open to any student in the SCHS.  The council as a whole is in charge of listening and acting as a voice for the student body. Additionally, they are in charge of planning activities for the students (i.e. homecoming, coming home, blood drives, pep assemblies, spirit weeks, etc.).  The council has elected chairs who are responsible for being the primary intermediary between the student body and school administration.



Mrs. Cumming


Rm. 406


Students and parents can access the full menu of clubs for review below.  The SCHS Club Proposal Form is also available for download.  Please see Ms. Manning in the Main Office with questions.