School Clubs

Philosophy and commitment to hosting clubs at SCHS
Students that have questions regarding specific clubs that might be an appropriate match for their interests may meet directly with the staff sponsor of any of the clubs or see Ms. Manning for assistance. Teacher classroom numbers and staff member office location are provided along with email addresses on the specific club pages (see links below) so students may pursue their own research of the variety of clubs available.  
The SCHS School Clubs have been organized into (3) groups based on the overarching purpose of the respective clubs.  The club categories are as follows:
  • Includes all groups that seek to compete with other schools through formal competitions or contests and informally at the school level.
  • All of the clubs that extend learning from existing SCHS courses in the art and languages
  • Clubs where students can mutually support each other, the school community or develop leadership skill   
Students and parents can access the full menu of clubs for review below.  The SCHS Club Proposal Form is also available for download.  Please see Ms. Manning in the Main Office with questions.